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My favorite car of all time: the datsun 240z fairlady. She’s beautiful from every angle.


Time to get back to blogging. Sorry guys, been busy with first week of term

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forced-induction asked: I know you're into imports but I've got an 07 ford fusion, it's got a plain ol 2.3 four cyl, now I'm just looking at turbo kits and wondering if it's even worth it... Would a swap for the mustang 3.6 be cheaper or less of a hassle? And would I get the same output from a turbo.. I understand it depends on a lot but I'm kinda curious

I can’t stress enough how expensive a turbo project can cost. You never expect it to be, but once you do some research, you may find an aftermarket engine managment system is necessary to get the figures you want. If you’re looking for 40 HP, get a cam and keep it naturally aspirated. If you want 70HP, get a cam, exhaust, intake and stock tune or PCM reflash (for hp gains not econ). If you want 125+HP, get turbo exhaust manifold, Turbo, intake manifold with bigger injectors and gasket matched head/manifolds/Throttle Body etc.

It takes money. If you want a little bit more of a “driving experience” go with cam, intake and TB bore. That’s what I would do. It depends on you goals. Msg me if you have specific goals and I’ll work you through it. I’m building an L series engine for an early model Z, and a small block chevy for an elderly customer who needs reliable power. The L block is mine. Can’t decide between NA and Turbo….