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My goodness, ben’s car gets so much attention!

My goodness, ben’s car gets so much attention!

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B.E. presents: Legendary Tuning Lore - The OS Giken TC24-B1

Designed by Osamu Okazaki in 1976, the TC24 was a twin-cam, 24-valve cylinder head that bolted on to the (originally SOHC) L28 engine in the 240z and Skyline. The TC24 actually originated from the TC16, a twin-cam head for the four-cylinder L-series engines found in Datsun Bluebird 510s. 

With a built bottom-end and triple carburetors as specified by OS Giken, a TC24-equipped L28 would develop an incredible 320hp @ 7400rpm (9000rpm redline), up from the stock 150hp. Essentially, this aftermarket, bolt-on head allowed the Datsun enthusiasts of the 70’s to turn their stock, torque-focused L28s into full race engines.

This incredible undertaking cost Okazaki-san 20 million yen in 1976, which equates to nearly $700,000 USD, after adjusting for inflation. The TC24 heads sold for $12,000 each in 1976, so they are incredibly rare.

Want to see and hear this incredible head running? Office Tomitaku has a TC24-equipped S30Z, and an awesome video to go with it. Watch it HERE.

As for the future of the TC24, OS Giken has announced that they will be casting more of them soon, at a cost of around $40,000 each. OS Giken is also planning to sell a 3.2 liter crate motor complete with IRTBs and a header for an insane $90,000. It will produce 400HP at 11,000 RPM.



OS Giken fuck yes

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Back do driving the Z for the summer months. Can’t believe how bad of a driver I’ve become. But this car inspires me and I can’t help but drive it like it should be driven. I hit 60 in a 35 on the way to class every morning.
Good thing cops aren’t awake at 7am

My godd, ben’s car gets so much attention its rediculous

Can’t wait for my Z to be on that level

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